Ensures authenticity of Billings Ovulation Method® resources and
provides curricula for the training of Billings Ovulation Method®

Gillian Barker

WOOMB Director

Gillian worked in the laboratory headed by Professor James Brown where the hormonal validation of the Billings Ovulation Method® was completed. She was involved in the development of the Ovarian Hormone Monitor and it was through this work that she became involved in the Billings Ovulation Method® and subsequently trained as a teacher. 

Gillian is involved in the ongoing development of programs for training both teachers and medical professionals, including the development of curricula for both the Extension Course and the Advanced Online Teacher Training Course for Billings Ovulation Method® teachers. As both scientist and Billings Ovulation Method® teacher, Gillian is passionate about developing authentic visual resources for teaching couples, teacher training programs and conferences.


Gillian was part of a team to train teachers throughout Vietnam, spanning over several years and now through online training. She has travelled to China, Pakistan and the USA to conduct teacher training programs and speak at Conferences.  

Kerry Bourke

WOOMB Director

Kerry first learned the Billings Ovulation Method® with Dr Lyn Billings as her teacher. She was first accredited as a Billings Ovulation Method® teacher in 1980 and became a Director of WOOMB International in 2006. She is a past President of OMR&RCA Ltd – the Australian Affiliate of WOOMB International – and remains a Director of that Board.  She is also a member of the OMR&RCA Education Committee.   Kerry has extensive experience as a teacher of the Method, especially with women and couples wishing to learn the Method by accessing online charting through Fertility Pinpoint™, one of the WOOMB International approved online charting resources.  She has travelled to many countries helping to conduct Billings Ovulation Method® Teacher Training Courses.

Marian Corkill

WOOMB Director

Marian became one of the first Australian teachers after hearing Dr Lyn Billings speak about the Method.  She is passionate about ensuring that all Billings Ovulation Method® teachers can expand their knowledge and skills to ensure that the authentic Billings Ovulation Method® is offered to all.  She has been involved in the development of all the Curricula for the training of teachers used globally and is actively involved with the training of teachers in Africa through the TTCC.  She has travelled extensively with Marie Marshell to conduct Teacher Training Programs in 6 Continents and from 1996 she has been to the USA on many occasions, on the invitation of BOMA, to update and train teachers.  She was the original lead person for OMR&RCA in having Billings Ovulation Method® training courses and seminars approved for quality points with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. 

Bernadette Davies

WOOMB Director

Bernadette was one of the first Australian trainees to become accredited through the Billings Ovulation Method® Teacher Training Correspondence Course (TTCC), which lead to her passion for working as a TTCC Tutor to train teachers throughout the world. She has been a Tutor and Supervisor of the TTCC and took over as Coordinator of the TTCC in 2018.  She has also had opportunities to train teachers in Australia and various other countries.  As the Billings Ovulation Method® teacher, Bernadette was part of a team that set up the Fertility Fundamentals Clinic, the first Australian natural fertility clinic that incorporated fertility education and medical treatment as an alternative to IVF.

Marie Marshell

WOOMB Director

Marie also heard about the Billings Ovulation Method® from the talk given by Dr Lyn Billings and became a teacher of the Method.  She accompanied Drs John and Lyn Billings on over 20 visits to China as the lead trainer of Chinese teachers.  This experience led to an enriched and expanded teaching system and formed the basis for the curricula for training now used internationally. With Marian Corkill she has travelled extensively training and up skilling teachers throughout the world, including the USA, to train and update BOMA teachers. 

She is a past Coordinator of the Education Committee of OMR&RCA and was the Study Leader for the Study on the Billings Ovulation Method® and the Achievement of Pregnancy.


Ferely Medina

Title of talk:

Hormonal Contraception, risks and Side Effects- My Personal Testimony


Ferely Correa born in Venezuela, married and mother of 5, met her husband when they were studying engineering. They now share the same profession as chemical engineers. Previously, Ferely was working as a chemical analyst in Venezuela and Mexico in the oil and gas industry, then moved to Holland, and there, volunteered as a team coordinator of activities related to the expat areas in the Hague, at ACCESS magazine. Currently, she is blessed to be part of the NFP instructors in USA, teaching the Billings Ovulation Method. Teaching has taken her on a rewarding and beautiful journey learning more about her body, how it works and what could potentially damage it.