2023 Events

  • Accelerated Teacher Training
    • Begins Aug 21st and will run through September 1st. M-F from 9-10:30am Central each day. 
  • Nashville Teacher Training
    • October 19-21, 2023
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  • Advanced Course

    •  Nov 2, 9 16 & 30 meeting from 7pm-8:30pm CT

    • Please email boma@boma-usa.org if interested.  

Health Care Professional and Teacher Training Courses Available Online

  • Advanced Applied Reproductive Physiology Online Course
  • Billings Ovulation Method® Teacher Training for Health Professionals Online Course
  • Both Reproductive Physiology and Teacher Training (Complete Online Access)
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Extension Course

Our next extension course is being planned.

Please feel free to register and get you name on the list early.

Our Upcoming Webinars

Next Teacher Webinar

Title: “Examining the State of Natural Family Planning in Dioceses Across the United States:  A Hopeful Future”

Date: Tuesday, May 23 , 2023 

Time: 6:30 PM Central Time (7:30 PM Eastern)

Cost: Free for all current members. $40.00 for non-members. Send e-mail to Boma@boma-usa to register.

Theresa Notare, PhD, Assistant Director, Natural Family Planning Program, Secretariat for Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Dr. Notare received her degree in Church History from the Catholic University of America.  She is responsible for supporting the American Catholic dioceses in their efforts to create or strengthen Natural Family Planning (NFP) ministry.  With expertise in Church teaching on human sexuality, marriage, conjugal love and responsible parenthood, and the methods of NFP, Dr. Notare publishes, provides talks, as well as has appeared on EWTN and Catholic radio.


Understanding Fertility - General Overview

Understanding Fertility - Targeting to Achieve

The Billings Ovulation Method of NFP - Marriage Prep

Webinars (Quarterly)

BOMA-USA provides continuing education with quarterly webinars. They help provide the necessary ​continuing education hours needed for teachers to renew their certification.

Our quarterly webinars provide very helpful ongoing education
​for our teachers and health professionals.

More webinars and remote trainings in English and Spanish
will be posted as they are scheduled.
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Ferely Medina

Title of talk:

Hormonal Contraception, risks and Side Effects- My Personal Testimony


Ferely Correa born in Venezuela, married and mother of 5, met her husband when they were studying engineering. They now share the same profession as chemical engineers. Previously, Ferely was working as a chemical analyst in Venezuela and Mexico in the oil and gas industry, then moved to Holland, and there, volunteered as a team coordinator of activities related to the expat areas in the Hague, at ACCESS magazine. Currently, she is blessed to be part of the NFP instructors in USA, teaching the Billings Ovulation Method. Teaching has taken her on a rewarding and beautiful journey learning more about her body, how it works and what could potentially damage it.