Avoid getting pregnant without using hormonal birth control

Everyone knows hormonal birth control has side effects and some are deadly. The Billing’s Ovulation Method® is just as effective as hormonal birth control when used according to the 4 simple rules.

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Ferely Medina

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Hormonal Contraception, risks and Side Effects- My Personal Testimony


Ferely Correa born in Venezuela, married and mother of 5, met her husband when they were studying engineering. They now share the same profession as chemical engineers. Previously, Ferely was working as a chemical analyst in Venezuela and Mexico in the oil and gas industry, then moved to Holland, and there, volunteered as a team coordinator of activities related to the expat areas in the Hague, at ACCESS magazine. Currently, she is blessed to be part of the NFP instructors in USA, teaching the Billings Ovulation Method. Teaching has taken her on a rewarding and beautiful journey learning more about her body, how it works and what could potentially damage it.