BOMA-USA Board of Directors

Annie Willison

Board Member Since 2022

I am a senior in college from a family of nine who works to help women embrace and embody the beauty that is femininity. Billings has helped me and women I have worked with gain confidence and appreciation through teaching them to better understand themselves and their bodies.

Christy Brown

Board Member Since 2019

I am a wife of 22 year and mother of 6, beginning a new season as a Life Coach, podcaster and speaker. I've been teaching Billings for 12 years, and love teaching woman and couples how their bodies work in God's design!

David Vavasseur

Board Member Since 2019

I am a husband, military spouse, father of six children and a big extrovert. I feel honored to spread the amazing information of NFP and the miracle that is God's creative genius.

Emily Kennedy

Board Member Since 2021

I'm a wife of 18 years with two boys, working part-time as a fertility educator and health coach. I became certified in BOM in 2018 after using and training in other methods, and discovered that pure and simple is what women and couples need.

Erica Jacobi

Board Member Since 2018

I'm a married mother of 4 who loves connecting people towards a greater mission. Teaching Billings has led to some of the most meaning conversations and delightful relationships in my life.

Jennifer McManus

Board Member Since 2019

I am a homesteadish wife and homeschooling mother of 5 on earth trying to do what God asks of me. The potential for the simplicity of the BOM to bring couples closer to each other and thus also closer to God's will for them is what keeps me on this mission.

Jill Uphus

Board Member Since 2021

I'm a wife and mother of 4 who enjoys all things outdoors and seeks to "do small things with great love," inspired by the beloved Saint Teresa of Calcutta. Learning, using and teaching the Billings Ovulation Method has helped me to better understand God's plan for marriage and given me a passion to walk with couples and families on their own spiritual journeys that often arise from learning the method!

Kyle Koestner, Treasurer

Board Member Since 2019

Kyle has served on the BOMA-USA board and as Treasurer since January of 2020 when he and his family began a Caribbean adventure they called NFP by Sea. While sailing from Grenada to the US homeschooling their six children they met with doctors and community leaders to teach NFP and share the science and medical evidence. He and his wife Danielle learned several fertility awareness methods (FAMs) but prefer the simplicity and effectiveness of the Billings Ovulation Method. His background is in engineering and business, and he has consulted with health organizations such as FEMM Health. Danielle is a family doctor and a BOMA-USA medical advisor.

Sharon Pearce

Board Member Since 2020

I'm the CEO of a Pregnancy Care Clinic - and I live with 11 cats! Some days it is hard to tell who owns whom! I started teaching NFP when I discovered that the Pill can act as an abortifacient - and I LOVE teaching women/couples to embrace God's design!


Ferely Medina

Title of talk:

Hormonal Contraception, risks and Side Effects- My Personal Testimony


Ferely Correa born in Venezuela, married and mother of 5, met her husband when they were studying engineering. They now share the same profession as chemical engineers. Previously, Ferely was working as a chemical analyst in Venezuela and Mexico in the oil and gas industry, then moved to Holland, and there, volunteered as a team coordinator of activities related to the expat areas in the Hague, at ACCESS magazine. Currently, she is blessed to be part of the NFP instructors in USA, teaching the Billings Ovulation Method. Teaching has taken her on a rewarding and beautiful journey learning more about her body, how it works and what could potentially damage it.