​     One of the strategic initiatives of BOMA-USA is to provide training and support to health professionals so that women and couples who use the Billings Ovulation Method® have more options for their healthcare. A major milestone for this initiative was achieved in 2020 when we were awarded a Grant from the Catholic Foundation in Dallas. Below is an edited version of our final report to the foundation where we addressed their questions.

1.         Has the purpose(s) of our grant been achieved: 
            If not, please elaborate:


2.                  Are there any special, positive outcomes from our grant that were unforeseen?

            There is a growing interest in the science of NFP and restorative reproductive medicine in young professionals. There appears to be an increasing level of questioning around the practice of hormonal contraception for “normalizing” cycle health by both the public and professional community. It is also clear however that many are not even open to hearing the information, judged by marketing efforts with local health professional schools and national organizations such as the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. They see our information as a threat and take action to suppress it. Truth is universal however and the message resonates with some faithful individuals. Once they are provided with this information early in their career, they are prepared to support and defend it.  

3.         Did you encounter unexpected difficulties?

            Although anticipated, marketing and reaching our target audience proved to be the most difficult. This was no doubt complicated more by COVID-19. In terms of health professionals, LinkedIn proved to be the most effective social media platform.

4.         Is it possible to determine how many people are (were) significantly impacted or directly benefit(ed) from the program/project which our grant supported?

We had 130 people click on our website or internet Ad and register for our newly created online learning platform. Registering allowed them to access several free recordings and learn about NFP in general including the theological basis for it. From this group, 61 people enrolled in the course work, and 50 actively participated in enough of the training to influence their ability to guide patient health. Some of these students are still engaged in training to become certified.

5.         Was there other support for this project?   YES        Please list all contributions and expenses on the attached financial report form.

6.         If Catholic Foundation funds were spent for any purpose other than that stated in our contract, please explain.  

All funds were spent per the budget. We did however utilize some funds for teaching support services (recording and tech service) that were budgeted for trainers/faculty. This was requested and notice of approval was provided by Ann Letteer on 1-18-21.

7.         Is there funding to continue the program (if applicable)?  Please describe.

            Now that the content is loaded onto the platform and the processes established for engaging and enrolling students, we will continue to use it for students who pay the full tuition. This will be a source of revenue for our organization. We will continue to raise funds however to reach out to and offer scholarship rates to young professionals who are not able to pay full tuition.  


Organization:      Boma-USA                                      Date: ____2-24-2022______________

Project Dates:        January 1, 2021-January 31 2022                   Contract Number: __20-02-01____


                                                                        Amount          Amount          Committed
Major Budget Components Approved Expended Not Spent
Trainers/Faculty/Services                           $42,000          $41,998.50    $1.50
Supplies                                                         $10,000          $9999.98       $.02
Marketing                                                      $13,200          $13,185.06    $14.94
Equipment                                                     $2990             $2970.35       $19.65
Learning Platform                                         $13,500          $13,500          $0

Totals:                                                            $81,690          $81,653.89    $36.11


Source                                                Amount          Amount          Pledged          Request
 Expected Received But Unpaid Pending
Tuition growth                                  $10,000          $15,195          $0                    $0
Admin in-kind (43 hours)                   $10,422.50    *$10,422.50  –                       –

Totals:                                                $20,422.50    $25,617.50    $0                    $0

Please explain any significant variances between actual expenditures and budgeted expenditures approved by The Catholic Foundation. All expenditures followed budgeted estimatesA generous long-time benefactor of BOMA-USA donated $10,000 on 12-21-2020 to offset the cost of time for administration conducted on the project.

End of Report.

     In addition to the above report, BOMA-USA has a planned giving account set up specifically for this project that many have contributed to, both before and after this grant. We are grateful to the Catholic Foundation and all our generous benefactors who have contributed. With the online platform in place, BOMA-USA has a solution for both self-guided and remote instructor guided training. You can access a free trial and view content at this link https://www.boma-usa.org/health-professionals. The healthcare professional initiative and online platform is a long-term project that will require continuous improvement. If you would like your donation to go specifically to this project, click here https://www.boma-usa.org/donate and notify us by e-mail or write “HCP” on your check.    


Ferely Medina

Title of talk:

Hormonal Contraception, risks and Side Effects- My Personal Testimony


Ferely Correa born in Venezuela, married and mother of 5, met her husband when they were studying engineering. They now share the same profession as chemical engineers. Previously, Ferely was working as a chemical analyst in Venezuela and Mexico in the oil and gas industry, then moved to Holland, and there, volunteered as a team coordinator of activities related to the expat areas in the Hague, at ACCESS magazine. Currently, she is blessed to be part of the NFP instructors in USA, teaching the Billings Ovulation Method. Teaching has taken her on a rewarding and beautiful journey learning more about her body, how it works and what could potentially damage it.