Semen Analysis Testing Kit


If you are using the Billings Ovulation Method® and trying to conceive, you may have questions about when it is necessary for the man to have his fertility evaluated. Semen Analysis testing is a way for you and your qualified health professional to know if difficulties conceiving can be attributed to the man’s fertility.

This testing is not meant to be a replacement for seeing a qualified health professional. A recommendation for testing may come from the wife’s doctor or from the man’s primary physician. Once the need for this testing has been determined, it can be difficult to find a lab that provides a private, morally licit, and valid test. The fellow lab was found to be supportive to couples who desire this testing be done in a morally licit manner and they are a specialty lab focused on fertility testing.

If you find that your health provider is not knowledgeable or supportive of morally licit collection methods, you can order this test through us and have results sent directly to you and your doctor. The Fellow Lab provides the necessary medical oversight. You can also get your questions answered by setting up a free 15 min session here https://mycatholicdoctor.com/resources/doctors/craig-turczynski-ph-d/

Just order the test below and we will contact you to confirm shipment and answer any of your questions. Following this, the instructions, and kit, will be sent to you directly from Fellow. The collection will take place in the privacy of your home and the specimen is shipped to the lab. After analysis the results are sent to you with a detailed explanation.