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"Learning the Billings Ovulation Method® changed how I practice gynecology. I had previously stopped prescribing "The Pill" for moral and ethical reasons, but had been brainwashed into believing that oral contraceptives are the mainstay of treating gynecological problems. The Billings Ovulation Method® clarified not only the signs and symptoms of fertility in a way that my specialty training had not, but also gave me a simple window into the endocrinology of the menstrual cycle which correlates with 50 years of research and over 750,000 menstrual cycles. I explain the method to all of my patients, whether discussing infertility, the transition into menopause or to diagnose a gynecologic problem, and find that five minutes spent explaining the Billings Ovulation Method® pays big dividends in determining first whether the patient is ovulatory or anovulatory, when going through the differential diagnosis."
Mary Martin, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Following my becoming aware of the Billings Ovulation Method® in November of 1973 I went through a conversion experience because I saw its value. Since that time, as an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, I supported, promoted and taught the method both in and outside of my practice. At the same time, I saw no need to become certified because of my in depth understanding of reproductive physiology. Fast forward 40 years. In July 2013, an opportunity to take formal certification training in the method presented itself. I did so and was very much impressed with the excellent presentation(s) of the two women trainers, Kim Cole and Erika Watkins. Conclusion: I only wish I had taken this training 30 years ago!
Charles W. (Charlie) Norris, M.D.
Camas, Washington
An Essay on NFP by Dr. Charlie Norris

"I am a practicing family physician in the Boston area. The Billings Ovulation Method® is a very effective and user friendly method of family planning. It is relatively easy to teach and learn. It has been useful for my patients both in avoiding pregnancy and in achieving pregnancy. It has also been useful for evaluating menstrual irregularities.

As a physician, I have both taught the method to patients and evaluated patients based on their charting. I have found it very useful in my practice as well as in my own married life.

The Billings Ovulation Method® of Natural family planning is a highly reliable and scientific method in which I have complete confidence."
John Worden, IV, M.D., Member of the Board of BOMA-USA
Gardner, Massachusetts

"We have used the Billings Ovulation Method® with 100% effectiveness for prevention and 100% effectiveness for achieving, always conceiving in the first cycle of using fertile days. We will be forever grateful to our scientists! We are in awe of the complexity of the woman in contrast to the simplicity of this method."
Jan Hemstad, M.D. & Darcy Hemstad, R.N.
Yakima, Washington

"The Billings Ovulation Method® is a proven and highly effective method of natural family planning (NFP). It is my opinion BOM is the method for the masses. It has proven consistent, reliable and effective in numerous studies over the past 30 plus years. It has a proven track record being used successfully around the globe in numerous cultures. One of it’s greatest benefits is its simplicity and the ease with which it is learned and taught. Consequently, it can be integrated into clinical office visits. I have found it to be easily incorporated into 15-20 minute office visits in primary care medical practice settings. This is a great grace in this era of high efficiency. Take it from me, Billings Ovulation Method® should be your first option in NFP."
Rev. Michael E. Moloney M.D., M.P.H.
Fort Worth, Texas

"Since 1974 when the Billings offered to participate in a NFP teacher training course on the San Francisco Bay Area I have been impressed with their ongoing research and development in this field. They remain on the cutting edge of NFP. I am committed to further the development of the Billings Ovulation Method®."
George Maloof, M.D.
San Francisco, California

"I helped a couple who had been trying to conceive for a whole year with a history of irregular cycles to achieve a pregnancy in their first attempt after a short instruction. This course has enabled me to relate a woman's physiological and endocrinological status to a simple vulvar sensation or a changing/unchanging mucus pattern. It is so understandable since only God could create such a complex creature with multiple intricate interconnections and yet allow us to understand them in such a simple and basic manner."
Santiago Gutierrez, M.D., Ob/Gyn
Laredo, Texas

"The Billings Ovulation Method® is the only method of family planning that makes sense. It is safe, economical and highly effective. BOM is the only method that allows couples to cooperate with their own God-given physiology. Other approaches alter, obstruct and poison a woman's reproductive system. We promote the BOM in our practice for couples who desire postponement of pregnancy and also for those who need assistance in achieving pregnancy."
Joe Opie, M.D., Ob/Gyn
Memphis, Tennessee